Case Study: The Medical City Clark Leverages Highly Personalized Digital Campaigns to Contribute to the 6 Billion Revenue of the Hospital Group







Challenge: Be the most active and engaging healthcare facility in Central Luzon

The Medical City Clark strives to be the referral center of Central Luzon and to do that, playing an active role in social media space and web in general.

Since January 2015, they focused their budget on traditional mediums such as newspapers, radio, and events to drive awareness about their brand.

Also, they want to change the stigma around their brand which is they cater only to A and B markets. One of the reasons why people of Central Luzon and adjacent areas have that stigma is because they are located inside an economic zone.

It was clear The Medical City Clark needed a strategy that can break the stigma and reach other markets.

Solution: Drive inpatient and outpatient with digital marketing

We went with a holistic strategy. Having social media, Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, and doctor’s appointment system comprise our digital marketing strategy – enable us to drive leads, enhance brand awareness, reach a new audience and get more patients.

Our team implemented our proven smart digital marketing approach that reaches out to The Medical City Clark’s target audience (doctors and patients). Below is a visual campaign that explains our 4-step strategy comprising Build, Acquire, Engage, and Measure.



  • Funnel Creation
  • Responsive Landing Pages


  • Search Keywords targeting
  • Online Display Banners
  • Facebook Ads Engagement


  • Re-marketing
  • Email Marketing


  • Conversion Pixel
  • Re-marketing Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Heatmap Tool

Result: 500 average monthly Facebook messages with a 300% increase in revenue

Through the implementation of Google Search, Display, Instagram and Facebook campaigns, The Medical City Clark experienced growth in revenue solely from digital marketing campaign with a 300% increase in revenue and increased in the number of patients during the campaign period.

With continuous analytics and reporting reviews every month with the client, their campaign strategies have been largely aware and ROI-driven.

Importantly, the client has expanded their growth by increasing their digital marketing budget and widening their scope.

You too can have 300% increase in revenue...







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We will never forget the day when we received an email from the President and COO saying he was overwhelmed with the results just a week after running their digital campaigns.

Before, they’re struggling to get customers for their training schools even trying all traditional marketing medium such as radio ad, newspaper ad and billboard.

Today, this client has expanded it’s operation in Manila and has added additional team members to support their sales department.

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